Collapse/expand form and box behind it


I’m making a form that have some collapse options that appear under certain condition.
I have a box shape that contain all the questions/answer of the form (for delimitation).

How can I adjust the size of my box for containing all the questions expanded or not ?
The collapse thing with the “push widget” is okay for me, but it doesn’t change the size of the box…

Thank you very much !

Hi RoyRoy,

Hmm, are you currently using a box widget with a border as the background to your form? If so, and if you’re using Axure RP 9 what may wind up being easier than using Set Size to resize the box would be to put your form elements in to a dynamic panel with “Fit to Content” turned on, and then give the dynamic panel a border (which is new in Axure RP 9); this way, as you hide and show content the dynamic panel (as well as its border) resizes accordingly. I’ve attached a sample file to demonstrate this that hopefully does what you have in mind. Hopefully that helps!Dynamic Panel with Border.rp (49.8 KB)

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