Color Favorites gone after update to Axure RP


Today I updated Axure RP to Axure RP
After updating all my color favorites are deleted.

Is this an bug or a feature?

Seeing this each time i update Axure. They really need to get the color feature right. Can’t even save a custom color palette & switch between palettes when working with different clients. Such a basic feature

Hi sfreund and tobewan77!

I just tested this out on a couple computers–it looks like favorited colors are staying saved on my Mac 10.14 system after updates, but not on my Windows 10 system after updates. Did you both experience this issue when working on Windows 10, or did you see this behavior with a different operating system? I’ll be filing this behavior as a bug report with our respective teams shortly.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

Hi Chelsea!

I’m using Windows 10 only.

Thank you for filling a bug report!

Win 10 as well. Thanks

The new beta version (Axure RP doesn’t seem to have the problem.

After the update on Win10, the color favorites were still there.

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