Commenting on hosted prototype always anonymous - Axshare login not registered?


EDIT i wrote the email below and have just found the fix - i was blocking third party cookies for privacy reasons. After whitelisting the site it worked properly.
If possible it would be useful to provide some feedback to the user in this case.

Use case: When i comment on a prototype hosted on Axure Share i want the comment to be attributed to me, not ‘Anonymous’.

  1. in Axshare hosted prototype press on ‘Comment on screen’ button
  2. Click desired position on page and see comment box appear (it say ‘commenting as Anonymous’ even though I am logged into Axure Share)
  3. press ‘log in’ button and enter my Axure share credentials. There is no error feedback, so i believe my credentials have been accepted.
  4. Notice that the comment box still shows ‘commenting as Anonymous’
  5. Notice in my Axure Share notifications email that my comment is attributed to ‘Anonymous’

Browser: Firefox 65.0.2 (64-bit)

Hi tomw,

Thanks for posting this solution to your original issue! I’ve gone ahead and relayed your feedback to our product team.

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