Component View UI Inconsistency


Is there a reason that Component Views are defined in the Styles panel but utilized from the Interactions panel? I’m looking for some logic to help me remember because I find myself clicking on the wrong tab for the task nearly every time I define or use a Component view.


Hey @bamorris,

I was able to connect with our product team about this and we agree with you about this inconsistency. We’ve filed this as a feature request to consider for future releases. Thanks for the feedback–we appreciate it!


Hi @ BenHoang_Axure! I was wondering if there is a feature request forum somewhere here. I’m commenting on this reply since this was your most recent activity. Any info would be great


Hi @albertodesignz,

We pass most of the feature requests from these forums to our product team to review but there isn’t a separate feature request forum.

Our primary channel of support is by reaching out to us directly at so if you have any feature requests feel free to let us know via email. I or any of my teammates will loop in our product team and review the requests for implementation. Emails also help us track the feature requests and follow up with more information if needed.