Components don't resize with Text?


I think this is a bug, otherwise the override feature is severely handicapped.

I’ve created a Button Component. When I change the text in the Overrides, the size of the widget does not change with the text length. The widget has padding defined and “Fit to Text Width” is on but the override text still goes outside of the widget.


This is as intended. The components feature in RP10 is simply a renaming of their masters feature in its current state and will not behave the way you want it to. Hopefully they have plans to enhance it with your desired behavior.


In my opinion it’s a major shortcoming. This would be perfect for buttons, cards, and the like if designers could set this to increase width or wrap with height as txt increases and maintain padding.


so…you need extend javascript …


I got excited when I saw “Components” and expected the same behavior as elunnin. So +1 to making this a real components library.


Yes. The feature to resize Component instances (automatically or on user’s demand) is very essential in order to reuse components in several instances. This is a major gap today, and the lack of such flexibility creates a huge resistance for designers to use the Components.