Connector that cannot be selected or deleted


I have a couple of connectors on my page that have stopped reflowing but I cannot select them or delete them! I’ve tried closing Axure and reopening but no joy.

Can anyone help?

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This has happened to me before. Axure support helped me troubleshoot a corrupted widget. I recommend sending an email to and attach your .rp file.

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Many thanks!

Do you know why this happens? I think it has happened to me once before.

Hi, everyone! This user emailed us through the primary support channel (, and we replied that the issue is most likely due to a known bug that happens when the “Snap to Grid” setting is not checked. If this happens, a solution could be turning on this setting from the main menu of Axure RP via “Arrange > Grids and Guides > Snap to Grid”. Then, if you are having a problem selecting the connectors, you can select them by using the “Outline: Page” panel. One way to do this could be to search for the widget type (“Connector”), click on one of the widgets listed, and then use the arrow up and down keys on your keyboard to step through the widgets to find the connector you are having an issue selecting. Then, once you have found the connector, you can try the “Reflow” button in the “Properties” pane to fix the problem, or delete the connector and re-draw it.

Hope this helps!

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Many thanks for the reply. What if I don’t want to use ‘Snap to grid’? I find that feature quite restrictive when it comes to laying stuff out.

Thanks again.

Hi! I believe for this bug you don’t need to keep Snap to Grid turned on for the whole time you’re working in the project, just while you’re trying to select and/or delete the errant connector.