Console trace gone from preview and Axure Cloud?

I just updated to the most recent version of Axure RP 10 and I no longer have the Console Trace in either my local preview, or when viewing prototypes on Axure Cloud.

Has this feature been removed, or is this a bug? The console trace is essential for debugging more complex interactions, so it would be very disappointing if it had been removed.

I’ve figured it out - it’s a bug. The inactive icon is not loading, so there’s just a space on the toolbar where it should be.


Tagging @Alyssa_Axure for awareness.

Hmm, that’s odd! Thanks for the heads up.

To confirm, are you on release candidate build 3883 or are you on the latest stable build, 3882? We’ve given this a test internally but so far that icon seems to still be showing up for us after toggling the Console pane. To rule out whether it’s an issue with browser caching, can you try clearing the browser cache to see if that resolves it? Please keep us posted :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’m on Team Edition (x64).

The issue resolved the next day without an update, so I’m guessing it might have been some temporary caching/VPN weirdness on my side? I don’t know if those icons are loaded remotely.

Thanks for the update! I’m glad to hear that the issue resolved. Most likely it was a caching issue as you mentioned. If it pops up again as a recurring or persistent issue please let us know so that we can see what can be done to help prevent it from happening. :slight_smile:

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