Converting a multi-select group (days of week) into a single variable

Hi there,

I’ve come up against a bit of a problem, and wondered if anyone here might have a solution!

I’m working on a form, where the user can input a series of different things like price, day, time as so on. Once the user has completed this form, I would like to pass their selections to a dashboard view so they can see a summary of what they have created.

So far, I can pass across most of their selections, using variables which capture when the user submits the form. However, I’m struggling with capturing the days of the week they have selected. Currently, these are seven multi-select buttons, labelled with the relevant days and set to toggle when clicked.

I would like to capture each of the days the user has selected into a single variable, so I can display this on the dashboard, in a format such as “Monday, Wednesday, Friday”. I was this thinking this is possible with an overly complex set of IFs and selected states, but thought there has to be a better, and simpler way to achieve this!

Thanks in advance for any help with this one :slight_smile:

Here’s how I’d do it using a repeater:

MultiSelect Variable.rp (92.3 KB)

It’ll make the maintenance of your multi-select a bit easier and takes out a bunch of nasty cases.

Thank you, this is perfect! I will take a look at this, and try to get better acquainted with repeaters!

Many thanks

You’re welcome! Please feel free to ask any questions about it. Everything happens in the onItemLoad events. I’d be happy to explain the logic behind it if it’s helpful!

Thank you very much!

I had some trouble at first, as I’ve tried to switch the checkboxes over to more simpler buttons with a selected state. I got a bit confused with a couple of the cases, as I wrongly thought these referred to the action of the widget, and not the additional fields of the table, which I initially missed.

When I noticed these and added them in, everything works perfectly now! (I edited my post to avoid cluttering the thread - hope this is ok :slight_smile: )

Thanks once again!

Awesome! Just saw an email with your prior response - Sorry, should have provided more context to my answer, but I’m stoked you figured it out on your own - Nice work!

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