Copy an adaptive view to the base view



I was playing with the design in one of my adaptive views and realised that it would work well as the base, and we don’t need the view I have been working on. So what I want to do is copy the whole adaptive view to the base and then remove the adaptive view. I have search and think this is not possible, but thought I would ask in case someone knows better?

Thank you


Hi @LizT, it looks like you have a child view in your project that you’d like to use as a parent view for another project; is that right? If it is, then it would be easier for you if you placed the widgets from your child view into the parent view and then deleted the adaptive views from your file. You can place the widget from a child view into the parent view by selecting widgets (you can select several widgets at a time by pressing Cmd (for Mac) or Ctrl(for Windows)) in your parent view, then right-clicking and choosing “Place in View”.


You can also find more information about adaptive views in Axure RP 9 in this article. I hope it helps!


Tanya, yes thank you that is very helpful