Copy and paste in place

Hi, I am newish to Axure and wondering how to copy and paste in place, It is a bit frustrating to have to adjust every time i need something to be duplicated.

Hi gabimene!

You can create a duplicate widget and place it on the canvas by holding down the [ALT] or [OPTION] key, clicking down on the widget you would like to duplicate, and then dragging away from the widget while holding the click down. You will be able to see the duplicated widget as you drag away from the original widget, and you can choose the placement for the widget as the click is held down. The duplicated widget will place on the canvas when you release the click.

I hope this helps!

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If you don’t want to manually move a widget with your mouse as you copy-paste it, the quickest way I’ve found is a keyboard sequence. If you copy widget(s) and paste, they will be duplicated to a location 10px to right and 10px down. If you use Shift+Arrow-key it will move the widget by 10px instead of 1px.

So, the keyboard sequence would be Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Shift+Left, Shift+Up.

Not as quick as Shift+Ctrl+V, but not too bad once you get muscle memory for it. Or, you could assign this as a macro if you have a smart keyboard, gaming mouse or macro app.

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