Copy between Ax8 and Ax9 Beta

Is there anyway to copy widget from Axure 8 to newest Axure 9 Beta ?
All I get is pasted image instead…
I would not need this but our Ax8 file crashes on loading in Beta. Every time.


Did you try “import from RP File” ?

It would make one mess, but anyway thanks for tip maybe I will give it a try. I figured little workaround how to “import” widget. Just create new file in Ax 8 , paste the widget , Save as. Then open in Beta, copy and paste it and you are done! Works ok for now :slight_smile:

Are you able to send us the file (to that doesn’t open in RP 9? We’d like to try to get a fix that can get it working.

I’ve noticed if that you try and copy and paste, Ax9 renders the widget as an image. I’ve gotten around this by Opening the file directly in Ax9 and saving a separate version.

Ive asked the same question and received an answer from their team, see here:

Based on their answer, it seems like they changed up some back-end widget rules. Importing works, but I wish i could just as easily copy and paste from 8 to 9.