Copy Paste Action Between Events

Another item that I can’t believe no longer exists. I used to be able to take an “OnClick” action, such as “Set Text” and copy JUST the action to, for example, an “OnDoubleClick” event.

Copy/Paste in RP10 seems only relevant at the Event level, which is just plain awful. Please tell me I’m missing something.


Hi @JoeDte,

Thanks for writing in. In RP 10, you can copy an action and paste it to another event. In the example below, you can select the action by clicking next to the “Show/Hide” text. This will select the entire Show/Hide action, and allow you to paste elsewhere in the Interactions pane, including to other Events.

What you may have noticed is that copying and pasting only a target is not supported. In the example below, the target “Hide (Rectangle)” cannot be copied and pasted by itself. I can see how this can be frustrating so I’ve logged a feature request to have the team take a look at enabling copying and pasting targets.

Thanks for your feedback!


Items are selectable. Good note. Now I know why, in the expanded editor, I can click actions to add for hours and nothing will get added if I open an editor with multiple Events. Something should always be selected by default. Especially if there’s only ONE Event and I try to add an action - don’t make me select the only available item.

In-line editor problem:

The default configuration of a newly created event is collapsed. The focus is now a cursor in the Add Action text entry. Neither CTRL+V nor right-click>Paste works here. So, I click the newly created event and it expands BUT DOES NOT GET SELECTED. CTRL+V and right-click>Paste at this point creates a new Event+Action combo, using the Event of the copied Action (in my case, creating another, different event).

So, it turns out it’s not that you can’t do it - it’s just that it doesn’t work how it could/should in either case. The Add Action text entry should allow Paste, and expanding the Event should both expand it AND select it.

Expanded editor problem:

In RP8, it is Event specific. So, the muscle memory of those who’ve used Axure for years is that Paste should put whatever action is copied into the editor. Because you can have multiple events, if nothing is selected, it gets added as the copied Event+Action combo again.

A second in-line editor problem:

For the only time I should be able to paste JUST an action and get both, is to just press CTRL+V in the interactions pane of an otherwise interaction-free object and create the Event+Action combo. Of course, nothing happens now when I do this. I can, however, do it in the expanded editor.

Of course, working through this exposed a major bug in the expanded interaction dialog.

Open the expanded dialog containing two events, each with their own action.
Copy/paste (or drag from/to) the second action into the first Event
[looks good]
Delete the (now) empty second Event

Results: The pasted action is deleted from the first event and the original Event returns with the original action.

Of course this explains the MYRIAD issues I’m having in creating listeners.

I held on to RP8 for a while…not long enough as it turns out.

@Frankie_Axure - can you please acknowledge this as a bug, if not a major one? If this isn’t the place, can I please be pointed to where to escalate it? I am now clicking OK to exit and re-enter the expanded editor for every interaction after every delete/cut/etc. This is a HUGE waste of time.



Hi @JoeDte,

My apologies for the late reply and for the issues you’ve been running into with Interactions. I’m listing out the issues below, along with a response for each.

  1. Actions are not being added in the expanded interactions editor dialog when no event is selected. I can see how this can be frustrating in the scenario where you only have a single event on the widget. I’ve logged a ticket to have our team investigate and see if we can allow clicking on the action to add to the event when only one exists for the widget.

  2. Issue with trying to paste into the Actions filter text field to paste an action into a newly created event. In this scenario, we don’t allow pasting from the clipboard because as you mentioned, the focus is in the Actions list. However, its worth pointing out that if you do have an Action copied onto your clipboard and you click New Interaction, the Events list will show a Paste button next to each event in the list. This makes it easy to paste the Actions you have on the clipboard onto a new event. This capability is available in the Events list via the Interactions pane, but not the expanded Interactions editor dialog. It sounds like having the Paste buttons available in the expanded editor might be beneficial in this scenario so I’m happy to log this as a feature request and have our team look into it.

  3. An issue with trying to paste an action into an interaction-free object and have it create the Event + Action combo. We are unable to reproduce this issue.

  4. An issue with copying (or dragging) an Action into another Event, then deleting the original event results in the original Event returning with the original action. We are unable to reproduce this issue.

Regarding #3 and #4 above, please feel free to contact our Product Support team by emailing and a team member will be able to assist. When writing in, its often helpful to provide your current RP version (Help > About Axure RP), your OS version and an .RP file.