Copy paste from non-Microsoft software into Axure stoped working


I am on OSX and started a project where I was copy pasting wireframe from Sketch into Axure. They were imported into Axure as an image. But from one day to another, it stop working. only an empty rectangle appears. I notice that I can paste the sketch wireframe in other software normally. Also very strangely, If I copy from Sketch and paste into Word or Powerpoint and then copy again and try to paste into Axure, it does work… but the picture quality is too bad to be usable


Hi Viv!

We actually have a Sketch-to-Axure plugin to streamline this process. Here’s where you can download the plugin and get more info about it:

Using the plugin will paste the Sketch items as editable shapes in Axure RP. You could also right-click on the Sketch asset to select “Copy SVG Code” and then paste that into Axure RP if you wanted to keep the image in SVG format.