Copy to clipboard plugin

Is anyone aware of an Axure prototype plugin that can allow for the ability to copy to clipboard.

What I want is to copy the shape text on a click event. Building a design tokens page and that would make life way easier for getting the specific colour you’re looking for.

I found this old post about RP 8 but I’m not sure if that will work, given my color swatches are in a dynamic panel which is itself in a repeater but I’m going to try to figure it out. Though long term I wonder if a plugin might not be better instead of having javascript protocol links everywhere.

I have since tested the linked technique and it isn’t working reliably. It works just fine for the first swatch, but the second one somehow is copying values from the first repeater.

Gave up for now, that’s a rabbit hole I don’t currently have time to get lost in.

Tested it again, problem solved. I was setting the wrong textarea on the click event. Fantastic.

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