Copying Complex Illustrator Path to Axure

I want to make a button (simplification for discussion) with a unique path. It is faster and easier to do it in Illustrator. Is there any way to import that path as anything other then a .svg?
I want to add it to a Library or master item so I can reuse it and change labels, color, etc.

SVG supports vector paths, so that is best to import from Illustrator. After you import the SVG to Axure, right-click it and choose “Convert to Shape.” Then you can control color, border, labels, etc.

Sometimes the resulting SVG and/or Shape in Axure doesn’t work correctly. This is usually due to complex or “sloppy” structure in Illustrator --things like clipping paths, masks, fonts, too many layers. All the things that are great visual design shortcuts and don’t usually matter in Illustrator (until you need to send it out for final printing or editing by anyone else.) Simplifying the Illustrator file as much as possible usually helps --“applying” effects and converting/combining multiple paths into one (or few as possible.) …It’s kind of a dark art, but if you are creating true paths in Illustrator it should work well.

If things still don’t work, you can try to create “elemental portions” of your unique path --thus multiple files, each with a sub-portion of the overall widget.

  • import all those to Axure
  • Convert them all to Shapes
  • Arrange them so they all line up correctly
  • Select them all, right-click, choose “Transform Shape > Combine”