Crash happens when renaming folder and pressing enter - but not always


I’m using Axure 9 and noticed an usual bug: when I try to rename certain folders, Axure crashes - but not always.

Steps to reproduce:
*Double click on a folder in the Outline panel
*Change the name of that folder
*Press enter
*Axure throws an exception and the “Report Error” popup appears - endless times. A few seconds later Axure crashes

What I managed to work out so far:
*Axure only crashes if Enter is pressed to rename the folder; if I click outside to dismiss the edit mode Axure doesn’t crash
*This seems to happen when a file reaches a certain complexity; if there’s not much in that file (maybe in the page?), I can rename a folder by pressing enter. As the file (page?) increases in complexity the crashes start to happen
*The crash happens with unrelated files (two files belonging to two different projects)

Please let me know if there’s any other information I can provide to help fix this issue.


Hi Sara,

Thanks for the detailed report! I tried reproducing the same errors by renaming folders in heavy-content files, but haven’t been successful so far. Would it be possible if you could share an .rp file where you’re seeing this behavior? If you’d rather keep the file private, please send that over to, and we can continue troubleshooting through there. :slight_smile: