Create an on page load, scroll to (twitter style)


I would like to set up a scroll to mobile page interaction on load (twitter anchor and scroll to top).

I would like a page 1 navigate to page 2 in a dynamic panel, but on load of page 2 anchor to the designated Y position. Seems simple yet I am having an issue where I navigate to page 2 and when the page loads and anchors to Y position, I am not allowed scrolling up. It seems to identify that anchor as top after page load and I can only scroll down. Even scrolling down shows I can scroll passed the bottom of the dynamic panel into empty space.

Long story short, is there an easy way to create an on page load anchor with scroll to top button similar to twitter, but anchoring on load from another page?

Hello :slight_smile:
I think i understand what you are trying to achieve, i have created this sample, i hope this can help
Sample.rp (74.0 KB)