Create Team file from Existing RP file with same Share link

I need to upgrade my RP files to team files now that I have other designers on my team. I have tried one as a test, and I see that it gets a unique Share link, but I want it to be the same link that I’ve been sending out when it was an RP file.

My first thought was to manually change it, but I thought I’d better reach out to the forum before I mucked anything up.

Share your .rpteam file to them and Invite them in Axure cloud.

Sorry, let me clarify. The old RP file had a Share link (the web address to the published file) that I share with developers and product managers. When I convert the RP file to a team file, it creates a different link, so all of those team members with the previous link would still be going to the old published file.

I would like the new Team file to use that same link, so that I don’t have to resend the link to all those team members again.

Does that make more sense?

Use the button to the right of Publish to pick an existing project.

Thanks for spending time to put that together. I went and checked this out. It looks like you may be showing an RP rather than a Team file. This is what I see with a Team file:

What I realized is that after upgrading the RP file to a Team file, it automatically publishes to the link from the existing RP file. I didn’t think it was going to do this, so I think I’m all good. I would not want to “Replace an Existing Link” at this point, because that would just allow me to replace one of my other projects, which I don’t want to do. I’m not really sure what View Team Project Link is, but since my problem is solved, I’m not going to mess with that.

Thanks for making me look into this though - not well documented in the Axure Reference.