Creating a looped levitation/floating animation


I’ve been attempting to create a floating/levitation animation with Axure’s interactions using an ellipse. I want it to load and loop infinitely. However, it’s not working smoothly like intended. I tried to mess a bit with the animations I don’t know how to do it better. Can someone help me achieve a better result?

Animation Example

Here is the rp file: levitation_loop.rp (49.7 KB)

Thank you in advance

I hate to say it, but without using outside javascript libraries I don’t think this is doable in Axure… at least as smoothly as you want.

You could create an infinite gif in After Effects with alpha layer checked. This way you could really fine tune your animation in the graph editor.


As far as using Axure features, you’re pretty much spot on. If you change the “Animate” to “ease in out cubic”, you’ll get pretty close.

That being said, Axure isn’t be best choice for creating animations (at least anything good). You’re better off using Photoshop or some other tool to create it and then put it into Axure.

It’s true, Axure is not very precise for animation effects. However, ease in out will give a result that’s a little closer to what you’re looking for.

levitation_loop_modified.rp (50.1 KB)


I will take all your tips and maybe do it on an external program. Anyway jlhelmers and skb, those animations are really good.

Thank you so much everyone!