Creating a Style Guide/UI Pattern Library?

I have been tasked with creating a UI Pattern Library for my company. I’m hoping I can use Axure to do this…just create components like buttons and tables, style them as I want and then share that out with development. However, the problem I’m running into is this: how do I access the HTML/CSS for any component/element I create? If I look at established UI Library and style guides, there’s always a snippet of code next to each element. I can’t figure out how to access that information so I can then either place it on the page next to element or display it in another manner so developers can understand what they need to do and use.

Has anyone managed to create a Style Guide or UI Library from scratch using Axure and, if so, how did you address this?

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With RP9 and Axure Cloud there now actually IS something like this for Axure. Here is the reference:

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Woops, I stand corrected.

mbc66’s fix actually also works in any version and any browser as Inspect is a browser function. I use it in Axure 8 prototypes all the time. I do however also provide seperate documentation for testers and business users so they know where to look for that information.