Creating bucket list with repeater

I am trying to build bucket list with repeater.

What i am trying to achieve:
When user select any card from “Frequently visited” category, card move to “Favorites” category
bucket list-REPEATER.rp (504.0 KB)

If you could please help me out with the above issues, I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi Natalie

Here’s a demo - there are some notes inside.

Here’s the file (152.6 KB)

It’s a moderately advanced use of repeaters - and there may be other ways of doing it with just a single repeater. I’ve used two. Hopefully the notes will help explain. M

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Apologies - just saw your demo file whilst writing my post. :slight_smile:

You’re there with the repeater mostly - using similar techniques to me.

But the use of masters and variables in my demo are still useful for seeing how items are copied from 1 repeater to another. Regards. M

Hi Mike, This is amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!

May I ask, I am looking for solution when if item selected from “Frequently visited” category, it will be automatically removed from this category and moved to “Favorites” category. Is it possible?

Sure - have added it to the above demo - here’s the file.

Clicking the heart - the last step is to then delete that item row.

I added the ‘empty’ text as well. This is displayed when the heart is clicked and there’s only 1 item left in the repeater.

copying_repeater_tiles.rp (156.6 KB)

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Thank you so much, Mike!

Your sample is truly phenomenal! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

No problem.

It’s perfectly possible to copy items from a repeater to a completely different looking one using the same technique - but a bit more manual ‘matching’ is required. It is easier when you’re going like -> like

Best regards - M

Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for your attention and for such an amazing help! :slight_smile:

May I please ask you an additional questions about the buckle list?

move buckle cards_1.rp (358.4 KB)

  • on item load notification ‘You have not added any favourite pages.’ not visible

  • on clear favourite cards, spacing between ‘Favourites’ and Frequently visited’ as big as I had cards inside before deleting then.

If you could please help me out with the above issue, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance!

Hi Natalie

Found a fix

Did a tidyup and deleted one instance of ITEMS which looked surplus to requirements. The project was getting over complicated - I think it’s still doing what you wish.

The problem was around the Fire Event - On Click not being applied to the button that does the reposition. The ‘Clear Items’ mini-menu option now Fires that and it works I think.

move buckle cards_1.rp (352.9 KB)


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Hi Mike,

This is truly phenomenal! It works so well now! Thank you so much!!!


Hi Mike,
May I please ask you if, by any chance, you could please help me with finding the answer to the mysterious disappearance of the title on the cards when they are moved from the ‘Frequently visited bucket to the "favourites’ bucket?

In your great original file this interaction works perfectly, but in my version of this interaction, the title doesn’t work for the reason that I can’t understand.
TopPages-CA-TitleMissing.rp (382.6 KB)

Would greatly appreciate your advice on this!
Thanks in advance,

Hi there - the OnItemcopy raised event generated by clicking the heart is adding the new ‘row’ in the other repeater - but is not adding the variable varTxtTT into the TXTTT column. So it’s empty.

If possible - try not to use so many nested Dynamic Panels. It make the projects difficult to navigate! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Mike!

I have followed your instruction and have found the missing element. Now it works!

Thank you for all of your advice again. Going forward, will do my best to minimize the number of nested DPs :slight_smile:

I did read that Natalie - hope you got it sorted.

Never used Ax for voice synthesis!


Hi Mike,

Thank you for your reply!

I have sorted out the majority of the issues, but I still have two outstanding issues that I can’t resolve yet:

  1. When I call the repeater rows out to the chatbot thread, they appear in the thread in the order of the repeater rows, not in the order of my callouts. Not sure how to make the repeater rows appear one under another, as per my callouts, independently of their stacking order in the repeater.
  2. Not sure how to bring the new ‘dialog portions’ that I call out into the focus, so that they are near the top of my screen, when the thread overflows the screen real estate. Right now, the thread always appears with the focus on the top of the dialog.

copy event_edit2.rp (1.3 MB)

Would greatly appreciate your any advice!

Hi Natalie

Think I’ve demoed a fix for 1. in the attached file.

Rather than work with yours I’ve created a simpler facsimile - easier to work with and simpler to show/see I hope.

copy event_edit2.rp (1.5 MB)


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Hi Mike,

This is a phenomenal solution! Thank you so-so much!!!

Truly appreciate it!

Hi Mike,
I sorted out the solution :slight_smile:

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