Creating Objects Dynamically at Runtime

I saw this as a topic back in June 2014 - at the time it was being discussed as a feature for consideration. Are repeaters the only object that can be added to dynamically within a running mock-up?

Background: I had an issue dragging and dropping between repeaters with an excellent example of a calendar object I got from the forum. The original used a plain object to drag from, and I tried to replace that with a repeater as the source. This way I could add rows for dragging on the left list to rows on the right list. The drop object was a repeater and the overall functionality was to add an indicator to the drop target by setting a boolean in the target row-column. Well this kept screwing up, but I don’t want to get into a lengthy explanation of THAT issue here.

Suffice to say I relied on standard rectangles for my drag objects and was able to make everything work well. Except I cannot add new drag objects without building states and showing new objects added. So I am having to add fake add + symbols and fake remove - symbols and write notes instead. Not my objective, but will have to do unless I create another dynamic panel with States to at least demonstrate adding 1 or 2. I may do that, but adding another object to say… the group would be great if it can be done.

Here is what it looks like…

Any way to add to my Function list on the left with a POJsO? - Yes I am an ex-java guy, Plain Old JavaScript Object…
Thank you for reading this…

Hmmm… it sounds like in this case it would be handy for you to be able to add new rectangle widgets to drag, as opposed to hiding a bunch before publishing and showing those. At the moment only repeaters can add new rows dynamically (and those rows would include whichever widgets you’d added to the rows on the canvas in Axure RP). Your current method of showing widgets that are initially hidden would be what I would recommend to simulate adding new widgets in the browser, if not using a repeater.

If you’re still going the repeater route and are running into issues, feel free to post your file or email it to so that we can take a look. In the meantime I’ll go ahead and file a feature request for the ability to add other widgets dynamically in the browser. Thanks!

Hi @cdfisher001,

I didn’t understand everything…:disappointed_relieved:

But it seems you wan to add a new element to a list (in Axure a repeater) and then drag & drop it in another repeater to udpate it.

I did an example here:
Drop on repeater.rp (62.3 KB)

Did you wanted to do something like that or is it even more complicated?

Hope it helps,

Thank you. I have since moved on to other parts of the app, so sorry about the late reply. I didn’t get into the issue with drag-n-drop from repeater to repeater and it appears that another helpful soul has offered to help with that. But it’s time to move on, after all this is a mockup and that issue was not a show stopper if using a rectangle to start the drag with. Creating objects on-the-fly would possibly get past the indexing and pointers common in Repeaters.

To explain the issue I had that drove me back to objects, I had to use information from the dragged object (the text) and combine that with the object it was dropped on. When dragging from a repeater, that information was available, but only worked for the first row of the drag object. All other rows reverted to the 1st row and once it broke, it didn’t work at all. So maybe I could have fixed this, but in the interest of time, I went this route. I’ll take a look at the gentleman’s code and see if it solves my problem, but in the meantime I wanted to thank you both.

I’ll take a quick look at this, and thank you very much for your help. This app is confidential so I can only share snippets. I’ll let you know if this solves my issue though.

This works great for adding to another repeater and I will have a further look at it soon. My problem was combing the 2 objects textually, and then setting information on the target and finally adding to the third repeater which builds the string to be updated back at the Repeater - The indexing always got mixed up from the dragged object, which isn’t a true explanation, but prevented me from getting the text of the dragged object. Again, thank you very much and as soon as I can, I will get back to this and let you know.