Creating sliding list of items


I am trying to create a sliding list of items with dynamic panel but I am unable to do so.

It should look like this.

Which steps do I need to do in order to show only what is in the view (like that image on the picture, there is only a little bit visible - meaning there is more items, …)?

Thank you for all suggestions.

Hi! There are a couple of ways to get the content to scroll horizontally. Both suggestions assume the following:

  1. The content is wrapped in a dynamic panel that is set as Fit to Content, and

  2. The dynamic panel from step 1 is nested inside of another dynamic panel, which is not set as Fit to Content, and is made smaller than the child panel (so that the child panel is cut off).

One quick way to get the child panel to be scrollable inside of the parent panel is to add a horizontal scrollbar to the parent panel. You can do this by right-clicking the parent (outer) panel, and choosing “Scrollbars > Horizontal as Needed”.

Alternatively, you can add an OnDrag case to the child panel and give it a “Move with Drag X” action so that it only moves horizontally when dragged. To limit how far it can be dragged (i.e. prevent the user from scrolling it beyond the boundaries of the parent panel), you can use the “Boundaries” properties on the “Move” action:

Hopefully that helps a bit!
Drag with Boundaries.rp (55.5 KB)