Cropped software whenever maximizing



I’m using Axure 9 on Microsoft, with multiple monitors.
When I use Axure on my main screen (1920X1080), whenever I maximize it, the right side of the sowtware is cropped as if it does not recognize the screen is bigger, showing only part of the text and buttons (such as “New Intera”/ “common inter”/ start adding new" solely on the interaction panel). There is a gap of blank gray-ish few cm between the middle interactions/style panel and the end of the screen.
This does not happen when the window is not maximized.
Also, it does not happen when using it on my secound monitor (1680X1050).

Thank you for your assistance.


I have same problem, after installation one day work completly perfect, but another day when i have started axure rp9 not working properly, on maximize screen grayish area showing, and in minimizing i’m not able to delete/add anything on canvas. also It’s stuck and hang too much , im using windows 10