Currency conversion fields


Hi everyone

Does anyone have any tips on how to create a currency coversion prototype in axure

Basically I want to have an AUD value in one field - that talks to a USD field and calculates a USD rate based on what the AUD input is and vice versa

So in field one - if you input $100
It adds the same value in field 2 + the currency difference

so 100 AUD

65.00 USD

Any assistance or guidance to produce this would be greatly appreciated


Hello Sean,

Thanks for posting on the Axure Forum.

I’ve taken some time today to provide a small demo, and a breakdown of the Interactions used below.
You can see the demo in action at this link: with the .RP file attached to this post.

When converting a currency in Axure RP, we’ll need a way of providing the exchange rate, as Axure RP can’t access external data.

In this instance, we’re using Global Variables to store the value of the Input ($100) and the current exchange rate (0.62). We then use an Interaction to multiply or divide our Input by our Exchange Rate and display the output in another text field.

I trust this proves helpful, but don’t hesitate to follow up with any questions.

Currency Converter.rp (200.4 KB)