Cursor blinks and freezes when I hover a guide

It’s been a year or more since I have this problem that makes my use of Axure much less pleasant and less effective.

When I hover a guide, the cursor will blink and it will become difficult to move. I have to push my mouse very far to stop freezing on the guide, which slows down my work considerably.

I do not live this in any other software.

Does anyone have an idea of what it is? How to solve this problem?

Here is the actual screenshot of this:

Hi jchnrd,

Hmm, I’m seeing some similar blinking behavior on my end when I slowly move my cursor up and down the vertical boundaries of a widget that’s placed along locked vertical guides. Could you please let me know if this behavior is occurring when your guides are locked? If so, does unlocking the guides change the behavior at all?

Additionally, I wanted to let you know that I haven’t been able to reproduce the freezing behavior you described just yet. To look into this issue more, could you please let me know more about your Axure RP build and your machine OS?

It looks like you are running a Mac OS, is that correct? Could you please let me know which Mac OS version is running when this issue occurs?

You can also find out which build of Axure RP you are running by navigating to “Axure RP 8 > About Axure RP” from the application’s top menu bar.

My guides are locked. When they are unlocked, I also have the glitch…

It freezes in the sense of: the cursor gets stuck and difficult to move / it only wants to flash, it does not move.

I’m using:
MacOS Mojave 10.14.2 (18C54)

But I was on earlier versions since I’m having this issue for a year or so.

Hi jrchrd,

Thanks so much for trying that out! Just to confirm, is the glitch happening in the exact same way when the grids are unlocked, or is another cursor icon, one that allows the grids to be dragged, appearing? I set up this scenario using Axure RP with Mojave 10.14.2, and when I testing out hovering and moving over an unlocked guide when a widget was placed on the guide line, the cursor would change to allow for the guide to be adjusted, rather than blinking in and out of view. Could you please let me know if the blinking behavior persisted when the guides were unlocked?

Could you also please let me know about any potential constants between versions, such as external hardware (trackpad or mouse) being used, or a plugin or application that could affect the cursor’s behavior.? Are any external monitors being used when this issue occurs? Please let me know, and I’ll be happy to look into these as well!

Here’s a better capture when unlocked:
When locked:

Don’t know why but the capture doesn’t show how fast the blinking is.
The blinking is way faster when guides are locked. But they are about the same, annoying and slowing me down.

This is the same bug since a year, a year and a half. I update Axure when it prompt me to.
I have a Apple Magic Mouse 2.
No plugin whatsoever.
Thanks for pointing that out: it seems to be worse on the external monitor plugged to my laptop than only on my laptop monitor.

Hi jchnrd!

Thanks so much for this additional information. I’ve tried some testing using an Apple Magic Mouse 2 and was able to reproduce some of the blinking, especially at faster tracking speeds, but I wasn’t able to reproduce any blinking that matched the speed shown in your video, or any blinking that was accompanied by lag. As a test, you may want to try switching to another mouse, to see if the rate of the blinking changes at all.

Additionally, could you please let me know more about your laptop and monitor resolutions and scale percentages? Please let me know what resolution these screens are, and if they are using a non-100% scaling value. If they are, could you please try resetting the scaling to 100%, and see if there’s any change in the blinking behavior?

External monitor is a BenQ GW2765 by default at 2560x1440.
Laptop monitor is Retina scaled for “more space” at 3360 x 2100 (1680x1050).

The problem is only on external monitor, the one that is set on defaults…

Hi jchnrd!

Thanks so much for the information about your monitor and laptop screen! I was able to reproduce flashing a more similar rate to the speed in your video when using an external monitor similar to yours, and I’ll be filing a bug report regarding this issue shortly. However, I have still not been able to reproduce the lagging/freezing behavior you described.

Does this lag always happen when moving your cursor in this situation, or are there times when the lag does not occur? Does the lag occur when using a different mouse or a trackpad?

Additionally, have you ever experienced crashes or error reports after this behavior has occurred? Please let me know. Thanks!

No crashes or error reports.

I only have this one mouse so I never had any other experience.

It does lag always happen when I try moving my cursor in this situation. It seems to get stuck in the blinking, not wanting to move.

Hi jchnrd,

Do you have a trackpad on your laptop where you can test these mouse movements? Also, if possible can you send me a screenshot of the display preferences currently set on your machine (System Preferences > Displays)? Lastly, after sending a screenshot, can you enable the options for “Default for display” and let me know if this changes the laggy behavior?