Cursor change to pen

Hi there!

I would appreciate any help on my question:
I need to change cursor to pen when mouseover a widget. Or just total cursor change for one page. Desktop project.
Is here any chance to do that?

Test file attached. Nothing there :frowning:

Thanks a lot!

test_pen.rp (46.2 KB)

Hi Natalika,
It looks like this forum thread might be helpful here:

In that thread, other users have posted example files that show how javascript is being used to input CSS styling for the cursor.

I hope this helps!

Hi Justin!

Thank you for reply!
As I see custom css has no pen icon and even though I add url to some pen icon, mouseover is still hand and not a pen. I need pen icon to be default for the dynamic panel, not just for some drag/click interaction. I used file from the thread but no luck in modification. Also I am confised about linking as looks like the code shall be added on OnPageLoad.

cursors.rp (56.0 KB)

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