Cursor is set to "move" after interacting with a Slider dynamic panel element

Hi there,

I have a small issue with a drag slider element that I ve made.
Everything is working fine but when I drag my slider handle and release the drag - the cursor stays to “move” all the time.

Its not a big issue cause everything else is still functional - but its like getting me mad cause I dont know why that happens.

You can see that on the screenshot the body gets some css written to but its not removed after i stop my dragging interaction. <htm style overflow: hidden; cursor: move;…

(I tried to set an empty “after/stop drag” interaction, en empty click interaction, some javascript on the drag event - nothing worked)

Any way you could upload a sample .rp file?

Not clear what you mean by “cursor set to move” --dp you mean the cursor icon is an “arrow-cross” instead of “pointer-arrow” after you release the mouse button? I’ve done many sliders and have not seen this…

thanks for your reply. Yes, youre right. The cursor changes its state to the “move” icon…and stays as “move” icon. I attach you a sample file with that widget.issue_drag_slider.rp (3.0 MB)

Ah, I see… So you are using the “mobile previewer” and the “big fuzzy dot” cursor changes to a “move” cursor with a drag operation and stays as a move cursor thereafter. That seems like a bug to me, and I recommend filing it with an email to . I’d be surprised if no one has come across this issue yet… I searched for this on the forum and couldn’t find any threads on it though.

I’ve not experienced this as I don’t tend to use the new (in RP9) mobile previewer. The only “fix” I can offer for now is to not use the mobile previewer. You can try this by deleting the Height setting for the page style.

Thanks @mbc66, yeah that would fix that problem. Thank you. Its not that relevant. I got a more severe issue with my slider (but that would be offtopic). Anyway maybe you have a solution for that.

I used a slider I ve seen on the forum with a logic that uses the x-position and total width in order to calculate the current % where the slider handle is at … everything is working if I do use the slider carefully…dragging then moving the handle slowly…

But when someone would click and move the mouse way too fast or click on the handle I always get a NaN … that ruins my prototype cause I have other calculations depending on that number. You can see it on the .rp above too.

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