Cursor is set to "move" after interacting with a Slider dynamic panel element


Hi there,

I have a small issue with a drag slider element that I ve made.
Everything is working fine but when I drag my slider handle and release the drag - the cursor stays to “move” all the time.

Its not a big issue cause everything else is still functional - but its like getting me mad cause I dont know why that happens.

You can see that on the screenshot the body gets some css written to but its not removed after i stop my dragging interaction. <htm style overflow: hidden; cursor: move;…

(I tried to set an empty “after/stop drag” interaction, en empty click interaction, some javascript on the drag event - nothing worked)


Any way you could upload a sample .rp file?

Not clear what you mean by “cursor set to move” --dp you mean the cursor icon is an “arrow-cross” instead of “pointer-arrow” after you release the mouse button? I’ve done many sliders and have not seen this…