Custom Fonts viewable for those that dont have it downloaded



I have a custom font that i bought the license for and when i get up the prototype of it I can view the font myself in chrome but not on safari. But when i sent a friend to check if it worked it didn’t work at all for them! I need this asap for a degree hand in but how can I make the custom font viewable for everyone?
I basically need to know how to make a weblink for my font to be able to add it into the webfont/mapping section.

Thank you


Basically you need the font hosted online somewhere so their browser can download it and display it. If you don’t want to host it or the license doesn’t allow that for some reason, you can embed it into your prototype. I’ve written about one way to do that here:



Thanks for the above, I have tried inputting into Axure but it hasn’t seemed to work. I know nothing about coding so I don’t know what is wrong or what i should change. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


My first suggestion would be to share exactly what you tried so I can help.


I just copied and pasted the link that was created into the section, which is probably not right but i don’t know what else to do - screenshot attached


Are there any errors in the browser console?

The next thing I would check is the font-family CSS role that Axure is generating for that font, it’s not always correct and sometimes you need to set up a font mapping rule in Axure to fix it.


Hi, sorry im not sure what browser console means?
And the main issue is making it work for other people when i send them the link.
I am not sure how to check it and how to properly set up font mapping - sorry :confused:
Thank you