Dark mode show/hide visibility issue

Anyone else having a difficult time making out which option for the Show/Hide control is selected while in dark mode? I always have to look really closely to make sure I have the right option selected, which slows me down every time. Is there any chance that this control can have a more visible highlight indicating the currently selected option?



Hi jkuo!

I can see how a change to this design could be helpful. I’ve gone ahead and filed this functionality as a feature request for our teams to review on your behalf.

For future feedback on improving Axure RP 9, please email our support team at support@axure.com. This should help ensure that we’re able to file this feedback right away and make sure that it doesn’t get lost in the forums. Thank you!

Thanks! Much appreciated! I will try emailing the support team if I have further feedback I’d like to provide.

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