Date and time published is available in share.axure, but not cloud

Date AND time published is available in but not Axure cloud. Since I may publish different versions of a file for different viewers I need to track time of day as well in share.axure but this isn’t available in cloud and I’m being prompted to move to cloud as share.axure is closing down. Why are you going backwards?

Hello Stephenwho, I hope you are having a wonderful day.

We recently released a “history” tab in Axure Cloud which shows you the various publish events and details for your Axure Cloud projects. Specifically, for each individual publish, it shows who published it, the date that the publish event occurred (if you are looking for exact publish times you can hover over the date field and it will show the specific time of the upload), as well as any publish notes that the publisher wants to share with the rest of their team.

To access this history tab and view the different publish events. Click into any project in Axure Cloud to access the project overview, then select the “history” tab at the top.

Thank you for writing in and for providing your feedback. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions or feedback.

All the best,
Raleigh Matern
Product Manager at Axure