Default Font (Arial)


The default font, which appears is Arial when you drag a label or a text box.

Is it possible to change it to Calibri so that when I drag a label, the font of the label appears as Calibri?


You can use the Project / Widget Style Editor to change the default font for a given widget.

If you’d like everything to use Calibri, you can select everything in that list on the left and change the font to Calibri on the right.


Thanks for your help Jim :slight_smile:

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Other way I would not recommend it , I would prefer Roboto or something from google fonts as it is really easy to implement and AND your showcase/ handover will be much more compatible across devices / platforms
Just my 2cents

So you’re recommending it but not recommending it? :wink:

For everyone reading this, when sharing prototypes with custom fonts, be sure that your audience/clients have those fonts installed on their systems, or it won’t look right. The nice thing with the Google fonts is they all have web-font versions, and you can specify that in your HTML generator so that as long as they have web access it will work. (Search this forum for “web font” or look it up in the Axure reference pages.) Necessary for most mobile app prototypes that you post on Axure Share as well.