Default font-size for styles is 13 - WHY

Why is the default text 13. Even when I set the Default Widget Style to 12, every single new style I create within the Style Manager is font-size 13. How can I change this?

Actually, none of my default styles are applied when I create a new style. And when I create a shape and there is no “Shape” style (I deleted it so it wouldn’t be used) it CREATES A STYLE IN THE BACKGROUND. WHY>??? Let me make my own styles. Why are you creating styles and NOT EVEN USING MY DEFAULT STYLE CHOICES… I really can’t with this app sometimes. Like wow.

Hi @nmanring,

By default, styles of widgets in our libraries have a font size of 13. If you wish to modify this to a different size, please modify the corresponding style for the widget using the Widget Style Manager via the Project menu. Once this is done, current and future instances of the widget will have the modified style applied.

For the second issue, widgets have a style associated with the library they are taken from. If the associated style doesn’t exist yet, dragging the widget from the library onto the canvas will automatically create/import that style into the Widget Style Manager. From here, you can then modify that style and affect every future use of that widget. For more information, you can refer to our documentation below:

Widget Style Manager

Hope that helps!

Ok. Thanks for responding.