"Default" widget style border problem

I don’t recall this being a problem in the past, but for some reason it is now.

When I put a widget on the page, it gets a border by default (and this causes animated gifs to break)

But if I try to turn off the border in the style editor, the line widget turns up blank.

Or am I losing mind? I thought it was always the case that by default, stuff didn’t get borders, the line widget worked, and animated gifs just did their thing. How am I in a world where this isn’t true any more?

Brought to you by Axure on Mac OS 10.14.6.

Hmm… sounds like your “default default” style for image widgets got set to include a border of at least 1px? If you drag an image widget from the main library and then open the “Widget Style Manager” dialog (style editor), the only option checked should be “Line Width” and its setting should be “None” (or “0” in RP9). If this is not checked, it seems as if the border is ignored, so it gets set to “whatever”, inheriting a style from somewhere (The most recent widget style? The most recent image style? The first widget in library? …not sure.)

Thanks! So I’ve gone through all the widget styles and checked them for sanity. Seems like somebody altered some of the defaults.

So do widget style defaults affect all projects then? I didn’t realise that. I thought they were just local to the project.