Delete shared site

We shared a site and now want to prevent/remove that share from others seeing it. I am not able to find this in my app.axure site. I also don’t see how I can add a password to a previously shared site from RP9 application.

Axure RP doesn’t provide a full server/directory interface, so you’ll need to do this separately. I think the most you could do from Axure RP would be to replace a prototype published to Axure Cloud with a blank prototype.

If you published a prototype to Axure Cloud, you can delete, move, add/remove a password for a prototype via the web app interface (e.g., opening in a web browser.)

You can prevent it from sharing a published site in 2 ways, both done through their Axure Cloud web interface:

  1. Add a password
  2. Make it private

Hello, jebwhs87

Steps to make the project private / add a password:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to your workspace and click on the project name
  3. You will land on the ‘OVERVIEW’ tab. Here on the right hand side you should see the project details along with publish information and an ‘Edit’ button.
  4. Click the Edit button, and you will get a popup to share the project
  5. On this popup you have both the options:
  • Make your project link private: Toggle the button to ‘Make link private’ or ‘Make link public’
  • Add a password: Under the Link settings click the edit button to add/edit a password

Hope this helps!