Device width does not work

Hey hey :slight_smile:

I want to generate a HTML file, which I can open on different Laptops/ Screens and which is always in the size of the different device.
For that I use “device width” under mobile/device. With Initial size 1.0 or without initial size.
But that doesn’t work.
As I zoom out, each page which opens in the HTML is in the bigger scale again.

For “adaptive view” I need to know the Screensize of the person who starts the HTML, right?

Can anybody help?

Thanks, Martina

Hi Martina,

The “device-width” entry will scale your prototype to the width that you designed it in Axure RP. If you designed your page at a width of 375px, for example, then having “device-width” will make sure that the page is viewed at this size. You can read more about this here.

If you want the page to automatically scale to different screens/devices, you’re on the right track of using adaptive views. Adaptive views allow you to design your prototype for multiple screens:

If you have a general idea of the most commonly-used screen sizes, this should help you to get close to having a responsive prototype. An alternative would be to add an OnWindowResize event to resize all widgets on your page to [[window.width]], but keep in mind that this will take a hit on load performance, depending on how many widgets are on your page.

Lmk if you have any questions. :slight_smile: