Disabled editing for default library elements

Is it normal/expected that certain customization is impossible/grayed out, for default library elements?

Example: I am trying to customize the droplist to match my form field styling. I am unable to.

Referring to this library which comes with Axure - I am using the Droplist element, and want to change the border color and corner radius.
Screenshot of Problem

Edit to add: in fact, I’m noticing that their form fields are all totally inconsistent. So they don’t look like a real form, but I’m unable to customize them and fix that. Some have rounded corners, some are square, the line style/shadows are different… terrible.

Yes, the “Default > Forms” widgets are standard HTML widgets and for the most part not stylable in Axure RP8 --the styling is actually done via the browser and varies by OS platform and browser brand/version. RP9 added more styling options.

In RP8, you have to build your own droplists manually if you want to style them.

Thank you! Working on some workarounds. I wish dropdowns had “hide border” like the type-in field. I’ll petition my boss to upgrade to Axure 9 :wink:


One thing you could try in RP8 is to convert your droplist widget to a dynamic panel, then move it within that panel up and to the left by a pixel, then decrease the height and width of the dynamic panel by 2px, thus masking out the border. Then create whatever border styling you need with a box widget and place that behind the “droplist panel”. …and then handle the panel and border sizing dynamically when the droplist is open. :roll_eyes: