Disabled shapes/buttons still appear to be clickable

I have several buttons that are action/submit buttons in my prototype that are set as disabled by default. When I publish the prototype the disabled buttons still appear to be clickable as evidenced by the ‘hand’ icon that appears on mouseover, even though no click action is triggered when I attempt to click on the disabled button. Once enabled via the different methods I use in the prototype the buttons function as expected.

Could you please let me know if disabled buttons are set to appear clickable by default, and if so 1) why, and 2) how can I turn that off? These are confusing my tech team and causing undue work.

Many thanks!

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it seems to be a inconsistency.

you could clear the css with jquery or detach the onclick event.

Hey maddxp,

Thanks for the report. It is a bit odd that disabled buttons still trigger the “hand” cursor, yes. We’ll take a look at fixes.

In the meantime–and this is a bit of work, unfortunately–you might consider adding a Hotspot Widget with no cases over the buttons in question. This’ll “cover” the buttons and prevent the hand from appearing. The actions that enable the button would then also hide the Hotspot.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for the replies. I wonder if it was something that was happening more in the previous version, because with version .3146 it seems to have cleared up. I know I didn’t change anything, but when the prototype published the buttons were disabled and didn’t show the hand cursor. Many thanks!

I’m using 3184 and it seems this issue is back. I have an onclick event tied to a button, but it still shows the hand cursor even when the button shape is disabled.

I am currently using a hack showing a hotspot over the button when it is disabled so that the hand cursor does not appear.

Is there a fix for this?

looks like a bug…

place the “helper” dp on your pages to avoid the cursor update.
helper.rp (63.7 KB)

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Thanks Gregor! Hopefully they fix this in the next release.

Does anyone know if this issue was addressed in v8 beta?

If a condition is met, I disable one of the widgets—to be specific, a label widget on a row of a repeater—but the mouse pointer still shows the hand, making it seem like it’s enabled (clickable).

Hi kaveh,

I checked on our end and it looks like the issue is still there in the 8.0 beta. I’ll update the bug report on our end so that our teams know that this issue is still affecting users.

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Is this issue referring specifically to the cursor appearance. I have a problem that the appearance of a disabled button is not different than an enabled button. The button is disabled, but looks the same as when it is enabled.
In Axure ( the controls look disabled when disabled, but in IE11 and Chrome, disabled controls look the same as enabled controls.

By any chance are you using one of the “Form” widgets? This includes HTML buttons, text fields, text areas, etc… Those form widgets are all HTML widgets whose behavior is defined by the browser, so whether or not a disabled button looks different from an enabled button will depend on the browser in which you view the widget. If you want widgets to look more consistent across all browsers, then you could instead use regular shape widgets and customize them so that the “Disabled” interactive state has a different look than when it is enabled. Hopefully that helps!

In case someone else faces this issue I have found a temporary fix for this. I’ve added the lines below to the Web Fonts:

.disabled {
cursor: default!important;

See how to get to the Web Fonts:
Font embedding with @font-face (Axure 7 Web Fonts)

I hope it helps someone. :slight_smile:

This is still in Axure 8. If an item is disabled, it shouldn’t show a cursor that makes people think it’s enabled, this much should be obvious.



I wanted to update on this issue, it is apparently still possible in 8.1 to click on a disabled button. It also poses a problem in terms of accessibility, I am trying to make sense of the focus order of elements in my page and the button can still be focused on with TAB navigation.

When can we expect a fix?

Hi elainebosse_ux,

You’re right that this is still an issue with the latest 8.1. build (3377). However, I’ve added a note to the report we have on file so that our QA team knows other users are running into this issue as well. In the meantime, I’ve incorporated the workaround by ZsoltK of adding a web font entry for the Disabled state to remove the hand cursor on a disabled widget.

Hopefully this helps a bit!

DisabledWA.rp (143.8 KB)


Hi there,

this is also an issue under Axure 9…

It would be super cool to fix this bug finally, as this behavior constantly creates unneccessary artefacts when testing with users.


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