Discuss tab not in Generate HTML dialog window

I’m trying to set up discussions on a local prototype. I’ve read how to make that happen, however the “Discuss” tab does not appear under “Advanced” as all the screen shots show.

Can anyone help me understand why? I’m using Axure 8, Team Edition, v8.0.0.3323

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Hi joannewang!

The “Discuss” tab would be missing from your HTML generator configuration if the file was published to Axure Share and discussions were disabled for this project. To enable it again, please log in to share.axure.com of the account where this project is hosted, click on the gear icon under “Configure” for the project to select “Discussions”, and click on the “Enable Discussions” button:

After this is done, the Discuss tab should come back as an option for your HTML generator configuration.

Hi, Jane! Thank you for this reply, but my discussions are already enabled on Axure Share:

I did try disabling, then enabling again, but still no Discuss tab in my file. Any other thoughts/suggestions? :slight_smile:

Also, just to double check, I started a new Axure file and checked the Generate HTML window and the Discuss Tab doesn’t show up there, either.

Hi joannewang,

Hmm, that’s strange. As a first step for this, could you update to the latest build of Axure RP 8 (3379), to see if that helps? There’s been a few bug fixes and new features since build 3323, so I’m hoping this will resolve the issue.

If updating doesn’t help, could you post the .rp file where the Discuss tab is not showing up for you? And are you opening up the Generate HTML dialog via “Publish > Generate HTML Files”, or some other way?

Is there a way to enable the discussions for a project within Axure (ie not going into the portal to do it)? If there is, I can’t figure out how. If there isn’t, I’d like to add as a feature request.

I am experiencing the same issue as joannewang. The discussions feature is not appearing in the HTML prototype even though it is enabled when I go to see its properties in the portal.

I’m in RP Pro

Hi JavaBird,

The “Discuss” tab should show in the HTML generator if you access it through “Publish > Generate HTML Files”. If instead you’re going through “Publish > Preview Options” then this option won’t show because discussions are not available for local preview. Hopefully that helps!

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