Discussion/page comments missing

The small discussions/comments icon on the top right corner of my prototype links are missing. What happened?

Hi Kerry,

Did you or any other users in the workspace that the projects are uploaded to disable project discussions by chance? You can check to see if project discussions are enabled or not by going to the project overview page in Axure Cloud and opening the discussions tab to see if “Enable Discussions” is toggled off. I have the disabling discussions section of our Axure Cloud doc linked below so that you can view a screenshot of the page I’m referencing:


Hopefully that helps, but feel free to write in to support@axure.com with the project URL if the discussions/comments icon is still missing when you preview your prototype!

I am having the same issue. A client is currently reviewing our prototype and they cannot see the ‘Discussion’ tab. Everything else appears except that.

I can see it on Mac Chrome or Safari and colleagues can see it on IE11 Win10.

The discussions are enabled. Axure is up-to-date. I have checked other threads.

Could you please advise?