Div condition issue



I want to make this type of conditional div for registration form like in the field
Country Name: India
State: West Bengal City: Kolkata

this is one field. So, when country changes the state & city name changes.

For ex:
Country Name : US
State: Alaska City: Anchorage

Everytime when I change the country name it will automatically load the “State as well as the city field”.
Please help me to solve this issue.!


Assume that you are working on a smaller set of data for prototyping purpose, then here’s what you could do without heavy tinkering Axure -

  1. Create the first droplist contains multiple countries
  2. Build a Dynamic Panel with multiple states
  3. Add one droplist for each state
  4. Modify droplist content of each state to match different countries
  5. Add droplist interaction for the first droplist (represented countries) with multiple case - change the state of dynamic panel based on selection of first droplist (therefore, you will different droplist presented)

Here’s the example