Does Axure 8.0 have 'Put URI Path on Clipboard' functionality?

‘Put URI Path on Clipboard’ in Axure 6.5 is a good thing. I can navigate to a certain page design just by the command line , for example “axure:C:\A.rp?pid=7a28c438-552f-4aed-90fd-6e7fa902d837” .

But I can not find this menu or functionanlit in Axure 8.0. Does 8.0 still remain this menu of ‘Put URI Path on Clipboard’?
I also found that the PID is the page ObjectHandle (by Axure API). So if I combine the command line by my own code, how could I make the Axure 8.0 navigate to certain page by the URI command line?

Hi Jimmy,

That feature wasn’t included in the RP 8 release. Can you tell us more about your workflow surrounding the URI feature (and the API)? I’ll be able to log your feature request with our product team and we can discuss possible ways forward / workarounds as well.

Since version 6.5, other documentation and collaboration features had been added (e.g. Axure Share publishing, Discussions, and Team Projects) and were used in lieu of the URI feature. It sounds like those other collaboration features and linking to Axure Share prototype pages aren’t providing what you need, though. Any additional feedback is welcome!

Thanks Alex for your reply!
I know: the Axure Share is used for each one to expirence prototype and the Team Project is used for each to modify the RP file. I think they are all great things!
However, I more focus in “project management”, that is “make each page or widget easy to manage”. So I used Axure API code to export each page or widget 's information (including page name,widget name, notes, and screenshot…) into Excel or mindmap or other project management tool, then I can easily manage each page or widget 's LifeCycle by an Overview Excel or mindmap file.
While exporting process, my code 'd like to add the URI path link (or command line) into Excel or mindmap, in order for me to open certain RP page easily only by just one click at the link and do some edit things.
For example, when my teammember told me “hi, jimmy, you need to modify this prototype page design in your mindmap due to a new requirement.” Ok, I find and check this page status in mindmap, then I open the RP page by clicking the URL (that will be URI from RP) of this mindmap node and start to edit the design.
That is why I need the RP URI path for each page, especially in a big project with too many pages.

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks so much for the thorough explanation. I’m sorry to say that there isn’t an equivalent alternative in Axure RP 8 that would fill that gap in your workflow. It’s definitely a valid use case, though; and I’ve gone ahead and logged this thread with the appropriate teams on our end for review. We’ll continue to evaluate going forward and as we continue to develop RP 9.

For what it’s worth, that feature (copying the page URI to clipboard) is still included in Axure RP 7 (on Windows) in case you were looking to use a newer major version that still has it. Do feel free to head over to if you’d like to grab the last RP 7 release. In Axure RP 8, the quickest way to get to the page in the editor would probably be by doing a search in the sitemap pane once the file is open.

Thanks Alex!
So let’s wait for Axure 9.0…
Is there any release plan of version 9.0?

Hi Jimmy- It’s still a bit early to provide a specific date, but we’re planning to have an RP 9 release this year :).

No problem. Thanks for your guys’ hardwork in advance!