Does Axure have paragraph spacing?



I’m trying to duplicate text styles set in Sketch. In one example, I’ve got a line height of 16px and paragraph spacing of 12px. Is that possible to reproduce in Axure?


Hi pablocruz23,

There isn’t currently a way to manage paragraph spacing in Axure RP, but you can get close by using the “Line Spacing” option via the “Style” tab under the Widget Properties and Style pane. If that doesn’t help, could you maybe provide an example or a screenshot of what you’re looking for? I can then try to find a workaround, or log a feature request if that’s something you’d be interested in. Thanks!


Thanks, Jane.

Unfortunately, setting individual line spacing doesn’t help. I’ve got a column of text in Sketch that lies out nicely. It’s made up of hard and soft returns, so certain lines are clustered together and other lines are separated, all based on line and paragraph spacing. In a perfect world, I would copy that text into Axure, after setting the same style there, and it would all lay out the same way. But if I have to then go in and tweak the line spacing of particular lines, that doesn’t save me any time.

My workaround was not to put the text all in one column, but to break it up into separate text objects. That was super time consuming too.

It would be great if you could get this in as a feature request. Every design tool has this feature, and Axure is meant to work with those design tools. Thanks!


Hi pablocruz23,

Yep, you got it. I’ve gotten this logged with our PM team, and we’ll hopefully see the ability to set paragraph spacing in a future version of Axure RP. I can see that the current workaround of breaking up the text into their own separate blocks can get tedious, but hopefully this helps for the meantime!


Hi jane, is there any updates on this possible future feature?


Hi grahamwookie,

We’ve still got the feature request for paragraph spacing on file, however there aren’t any immediate plans to implement this feature at this moment. I know it may not be ideal, but the workaround Jane mentioned may be the best option in the meantime.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if there’s anything else I can assist you with!


+1, otherwise you have to setup multiple paragraphs as text fields… :frowning:


This would be a really good feature to have, such a pain splitting large text blocks into separate objects to make my designs look right.


Interaction design software is becoming more sophisitcated all the time. The ability to self-contain specifictions for developers is a key asset. The means by which the elements of a page are made in Axure (or XD, etc.) could correspond to how the element works in code so that this specification is exacting in all regards. Paragraphs and other HTML objects follow the box model which allows three things around an element: Padding, Margins and Borders.

Having any element in Axure support these, including a paragraph to achieve inter-paragraph and first line indent types of spacing, would achieve a fundamental concept around designing, specifying and encoding all text-based content.


Text styling, such as paragraph and character styling, in design prototyping tools is lacking. We need the ability to set stylesheets and modify them, to then change them throughout prototypes. This is functionality in print design software such as InDesign, Illustrator, etc, and also in coding through HTML/CSS. These tools used for prototyping must deliver this functionality. It’s just a matter of time before UXPin or another competitor figure it out. Please! Prioritize this.


Hi guys has there been any priority on this? It’s super aggravating in a first-world problems kind of way. I’ve run into this plenty of times, but today I’m typing inside a styled box, with a bunch of interactions attached, so I can’t use the workaround of splitting the text into multiple text boxes without restructuring this library element I’m using. Please! Paragraph spacing!


Any updates on this? Does axure supports third party plugins that can do this??


I am also interested in it. Unfortunately, otherwise the design gets crushed in Axure.


Bring the Paragraph Spacing Feature, Pls! :grinning:


Yes, it is possible to reproduce text styles set in Sketch, including line height and paragraph spacing, in Axure. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Line Height: In Sketch, if you have a text style with a line height of 16px, you can replicate this in Axure by adjusting the line spacing of your text. In Axure, select the text you want to modify, then go to the “Text Properties” panel. Adjust the “Line Spacing” property to 16px to match the line height set in Sketch.

  2. Paragraph Spacing: Similarly, to replicate paragraph spacing of 12px in Sketch, you can adjust the paragraph spacing in Axure. After selecting the text, go to the “Text Properties” panel, and adjust the “Paragraph Spacing” property to 12px to match the spacing set in Sketch.

By adjusting these properties in Axure, you can closely match the text styles set in Sketch, including line height and paragraph spacing. This ensures consistency in your designs across different platforms.