Does replace a project remove comments?



Hi there,

I am currently working on a project where we have a working file and publish to a separate public link. After publishing to the separate link for a while, I re-opened my working version of the file and when I attempt to publish to the public link, I only have the option to “Replace” the project (even though it’s the same working file…I think). There are however many comments on the current public version and I would prefer not to override them. Will selecting “replace” wipe out all the comments?



After further testing, I wanted to update and correct my last answer about what may be happening.

Replacing a published project with a different file than its original will remove any comments. However, the comments aren’t permanently deleted. If you republish to the URL from the original project file, the comments will be restored.

The “Update” function appears to indicate on that saved file what the last project URL that was published to. If you happen to publish to multiple URLs, then you may need to use the “Replace” option to link back to the project that you published beforehand. If the project file is the same, then the comments will be retained.

If you’re unsure what the original publishing file is, you can download the source .rp file from Axure Cloud and continue to publish updates from this file. You can then import any changes from your working file via “File > Import from RP File”.