Don't understand how to reapply the style after an experimental change



This must be simple and I am just being dumb, but I simply don’t understand what happens when:

a) I have used a style, then changed something on the widget style panel, so it shows as changed (asterisk), then I don’t like it so I want to revert to the original style definition. I thought selecting another and returning to the style I really want would reset it. Or perhaps there is a reapply?

b) If it have changed a style, and then updated it using Update from the widget style panel, when applying to other widgets sometimes it shows with an asterisk, and I then have to tweak things to get it back to the current style definition which is very irritating (if I can solve the first issue this problem obviously disappears)

c) inconsistent behaviour: I had a number of widgets using Style A and that I created using copy & Paste with no other changes; I then duplicated Style A to make Style B, the only change was that the rectangle was unfilled and no border. Then some of the widgets needed to be Style B. On applying Style B I got two behaviours:

  • style applied as I would expect
  • style applied except that the border style was still set to 1px whereas Style B has 0px

If anyone can help me understand any of this it would ease the learning curve.

Thank you


a) I think I figured this out! At first I thought it wasn’t possible, but then I tried changing the shape styles to Default and then back to that custom style. It seems setting it to Default wipes away that asterisk.

b) I think if you’ve made any manual edits to the styling of a shape, that asterisk appears and the link between style and shape seems to be broken. Does the set to Default trick above fix this issue for you?

c) I can’t duplicate this but I think you’re seeing a lot of the weirdness of Axure Styles. It is not CSS and does not behave like it at all. I use styles very rarely because of these and other issues, maybe as some preset style but honestly it’s more consistent and understandable to save it as a master.

See my reply to your other post for recommendations on how to make reusable elements without relying heavily on styles, which as you are finding out, behave somewhat non-intuitively and certainly not at all like CSS.


Thank you for this, I stupidly hadn’t tried to set it to default. So I will try that.

Axure is great but as you say it doesn’t do CSS, and it also doesn’t support style inheritance so it is very annoying as it means keeping tabs on everything carefully. So, I will read your other comments with interest.

Thank you