Double sided menu

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I am trying to create a double side menu. It should be switching/flipping to another side (like you are holding an actual menu in your hands) and gradually switching (want to see the action but not too slow). Is there a way to do that on Axure? It would be nice if it is a floating menu too.

Any help please.! Thanks!


Here is a restaurant menu which can be flipped over, either by buttons or swiping left/right. It was created by putting each image in a dynamic panel, then changing the dynamic panel state using the “flip left” or “flip right” animation effect. You can do this with any content in a dynamic panel.

I’m not sure what you meant by [quote=“billc, post:1, topic:53086”]
It would be nice if it is a floating menu too.

I made the dynamic panel draggable so you can move it around, if that’s what you meant by “floating.” To enhance the visual “float” effect I set the image in each dynamic panel state to “selected” when it is being dragged, with the selected state adding a drop shadow. You can add the shadow to the default style if you want it on all the time.

If you mean something else by “floating menu” --like it floats above the content and does not move with scrolling, then you can set the Pin To Browser settings for the dynamic panel in the Properties tab. See Page 1 for this effect.

DoubleSidedMenu.rp (915.9 KB)

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Very nice of you to have done that…that is exactly what I need! Thank you so much, @mbc66!