"download a file" functionality

“download a file” functionality:
I want to demonstrate following action: When a user clicks on a button, it downloads a word.doc file locally. I am unable to copy a url link with this file path via Dropbox or Google drive, since they block the Inline frame attempts from Axure. Copying the local path of this word.docx file also does not lead to anything. I dont want to create HTML script. How can I achieve above “File downloading” action?

I’m not understanding .

can’t you just use the external link tot he file on Dropbox/Gdrive. and when u use the prototype in the browser and click the link… it will start the download.

If your purpose is for sharing, we recommend uploading to axshare…Or just find a place that can host your files and share the link out

Axure Clould does not support uploading non RP files.
RP10 “Link to an external URL” to a docx file on a public server does not work.
Anyone got this working?