Drag and drop from one list / box to another creating a hiearchy or list


I am trying to create an interaction where the user can drag elements (items) from one list / box to another in a hierarchy or at least vertically, below gif exemplifies what I am trying to do perfectly:

I am a newbie at Axure and I am looking for something that works that I can edit to my preferences

The idea behind it is to be able to select a “module” as an item from one list or from a box in the left hand side of the interface and populate a hierarchically structured list in the right hand side of the interface based on the users preferences

I have searched the forums dry and I can’t find anything that resembles what I am looking for (at least something I have the expertise to reconfigure) as most of it is horizontal and involves just one list

Any help is much appreciated!

Thankfully, Axure included a bunch of stuff to make things like this easy.

Create a repeater and then add a dynamic panel with all the widgets you want inside. Set the dynamic panel’s OnDrag event to “move with drag”. Now duplicate the repeater so you have two.

In the original repeater, set the dynamic panel’s OnDragDrop event to add a new row to the other repeater and delete the row from it’s repeater. Configure the other repeater to do the opposite.

DragDropList.rp (66.7 KB)

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Thank you, I had to present a different solution due to the deadline being yesterday morning, however this solution is much better than what I used ! so thank you

Is there any way to credit you through the system or mark your post as the answer like on stackoverflow?

There is! When a user has resolved your issue, you can click the “…” under their response and click the checkmark icon to mark the post as the solution. :slight_smile: 2019-06-25_1822

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