Drag and drop on mobile reloads the page

Hi guys,

I have a problem. I have added some dragNdrop content in page, but when i try to drag on a device, it reloads the page (even if the option prevent vertical scroll is checked).
Tested on Chrome and Safari, same result.


Thanks a lot

It would be great, if you can share the file


Sure, FORTEST.rp (686.0 KB)

May be I understood your question wrong. It’s not reloading when I test the link from my Phone and in browser too. Well, the drag is not smooth in device but doesn’t reload. Please clarify your question, I am doing a wrong test.

Yes I think i didn’t explained well. The problem was that when i wanted to drag the elements, the background was moving as well. I just found a solution:
I removed the images background from the page Home itself. I have created a Dynamic panel and put all the other panels within, now the background won’t move anymore.

Thanks !