Drag Y with Inertia and Elasticity in Axure RP 10


I am trying to create a prototype that swipes landscape shaped video card trays (which still need to be able to be swiped on the x axis for each tray when/after swiping content Y) on the page as shown below without using different dynamic panel states with the typical ‘slideshow’ technique. I have been messing around with a file I found in these forums from an Axure RP8 thread, but am having issues and I am pretty sure there should be more modern ways to achieve this in RP 10… I just can’t find any worthy RP 10 info anywhere like I can for Figma. I have been away from Axure for many years so this is taking me way too long to figure out alone and is probably pretty simple for someone that is more familiar with conditions, variables and functions etc. than me. Please help if you can! I have attached an animated gif with what I am trying to achieve as well as provided a link to my current RP10 file for reference, inspection and customization/modification.

Thanks so much in advance for your help! Happy Prototyping!

Darren Kurre


I made something like this once. It doesn’t do everything you’re wanting (no inertia), but the third card in the queue (“Card the Second”, since there’s a zeroth card) scrolls vertically and has some pseudo-elasticity if you try to scroll past the content.

It’s been ages since I’ve touched it (there’s a Google Glass-formatted version in the library, if that tells you anything), but hopefully it still works if you import it into rp10.


Thank you! This looks similar to what I am trying to do, I will see if it holds up in Axure RP 10.